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From our family orchard to your family’s wellness.

We established our orchard in 2016 by planting a field of York and Nova elderberry cuttings.

Our goal is to grow something to help other people stay healthy and to keep ourselves healthy with active planting and harvesting.

As a result, we create a high-quality product that will help people follow a natural wellness alternative.

Dear Visitors,

Welcome! Elderberry Springs Farm grows the delicious Elderberry “fruitaceutical.” Don’t you just love that descriptive word for this superfruit?

Our farming family is so happy that science now substantiates what our elders (pun intended) have taught for generations: the health benefits of elderberries. We consume elderberries daily, in many different traditional and sugar-free forms.

At Elderberry Springs Farm we are deeply committed:
• to promoting our health, that of friends, and the health of the whole world,
• to never to use herbicides,
• only to use organic fertilizers, and
• to employ organic methods of pest control.

Even though we farm exclusively with organic practices, we will not seek official organic certification. To do that would take far more energy, time, and money resources than a farm our size has. Instead, we devote these resources to sustainable healthy fruit production and living soil care, yielding more nutritional fruits.

We hope that our future grandchildren will fondly remember that we smelled of elderberries! (thinly-veiled reference to a classic movie)

So from our spring-fed land in the Taconic Mountains, we warmly invite you to experience the great taste, researched natural health benefits, and mythical lore of Elderberry Springs Farm’s elderflower and elderberry products.

Caringly and compassionately yours,

Queen Bee

Worker Bee for the feisty queen

The local Elderberry Fairy, Elda, graces our logo of every traditional and sugar-free offering from our farm. Even though she looks so young, no one truly knows her age – so always respect your elders!

Farm Help

Back in his day, Squitty could run a backhoe like nobody’s business. He has since retired, leaving no replacement for his duties.

Here is Tallulah, protecting the first plantings of elderberries from deer and other woodland creatures. Truly a force to be reckoned with.

Dunn was helpful from the day his eyes opened. He particularly liked laps or, if none were available, a warm computer.

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Elderberry Springs Farm is in the small and beautiful upstate New York town of Petersburgh. We are nestled in the Taconic mountain range, with magnificent scenery and more than 14 active springs. Native elderberry bushes have always been plentiful: wild elderberries thrive alongside our pasture edges, proving that our land is naturally suited for elderberry cultivation.

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